In the frame of ESF-Funding ( www.ec.europa.eu/esf/home ), we continually offer  adult furthering education courses in environmental topics with strong focus on practical skills. YGGDRASIL Dr. Rahner delivers trainings in the modules: Environmental Legislation, Environmental and Waste Management and Project Management.   
You find more information in ( www.ubb.de ) .
Meanwhile we have started our 22th course and have disigned more courses for specific target groups.(www.ubb.de)
Modules and Topics:
* Basic qualification in Environmental and Nature Protection  
- Environmental Legislation,  
- Nature Protection,  
- Waste and water management,  
- Climate Protection
* Sustainable Energy Management, Resource Efficiency,  Climate Protection
* Project  Management in the Environmental national and international field
* Specific Office Applications, focused on Environmental topics   
* Geographical  Information Systeme (GIS) in Nature and Environmental Protection Fields
- Support Communal Nature Protection  
- Support Landscape Planning  
- Digitalizing Methods  
- Practical GIS Applications
* Job profiles, skills, descriptions and offers in the Green Economy ( www.eea.europa.eu/themes/economy )