Courses and Trainings

r1YGGDRASIL is specialised in the development of professional training. The topics range from project and environmental management to complex international and EU projects. Project design, strategies and management of proposal writing for funding by national or international funds are offered. Since 1999 more than 10.000 customers from private business, research, management and administration have attended YGGDRASIL’s courses. YGGDRASIL’s expertise is based on more than 25 years experience in the area of scientific work at numerous universities or High Education Institutions in Germany and abroad, as well as on more than 20 years’ experience as a consultant in the private business.

Fundamentals of Project Management

Projekt1Overview of the Course:
Project Management is a key issue and the base for Management, Administration, Research and private business alike. It determines the success or failure in projects, careers and personal life planning. The demanding course presents all tools of project management in applied topics and exercises. The aim of the course is to get acquainted with the numerous techniques and philosophies of project management and to encourage them to start managing their own projects professionally.

Advanced Project Management

Projekt2Overview of the Course:
The aim of this two day course is to motivate project managers and to develop skills in managing complex projects and in leading a complex project consortium.This is a core skill in today´s fast moving business environment. The aim is to teach modern techniques of management in complex project with many players, countries, part-time personnel and different scientific topics and languages.

Risk Management

Risiko1Overview of the Course:
Projects have a lot of risk potential. The more innovative they are the higher are the risks. But also risks in contracts, the teams, the client and the environment can jeopardise a project. The aim of the course is passing techniques and tools to find and assess risks as early as possible, to make them visible in order to find measures early enough to mitigate  the risk. We want to make the projects a success despite the potential risks.

Preparing Competitive Proposals for EU, international and national projects

Zeit1Overview of the course:
The aim of this course is to motivate proposal writers and to develop skills and the stamina to create project ideas and refine them into drafts and finally into project proposals. The course is aimed at coordinators and their staff who will be able to put into practice the valuable hints given during this course.

Excel – a Tremendous Tool for Project Management Jobs

excel1Overview of the course:
Partners in projects often lack the powerful software or the time to use them for complex project management procedures. However projects must be managed on top of the daily work and breaks in communication must be prevented. 

Time Management

Zeit4Time is a precious asset, we cannot increase it. It is predicted that more and more stress and burnout cases will impact our economy and society: the number of employees will be reduced , however, the workload will grow and become more complex. This growing pressure will be distributed to the remaining staff. Time passes continuously and without return. However tools and instruments to handle the time in a conscious and productive way can be taught and trained.

Process Management

Prozess1International Process Management skills are fundamental for scientists, engineers and the public service working increasingly in complex projects. Wrong handling and instruments can jeopardize projects, no matter how well it has been laid out in the beginning.

Project Design and Proposal Writing with the Logical Framework Approach

Logframe1Logical Framework Approach (Logframe) is widely used since 1990 in the International Development Cooperation, by the European Commission and by NGOs. This very strictly structured planning, implementation and evaluation method focuses on participation, inclusion and equal levels of all participating partners from the very beginning. The core element is the LFA-Matrix that requires in structured format for all relevant project aspects from proposal phase until review and impact control.