Mission Statement

Our name is the symbol of the world-spanning ash-tree in the nordic saga, cradling all of human, animal and plant life. We believe this notion to be extremely correct; it corresponds to our universal and holistic understanding of environmental protection.

Our philosophy is based upon the fact that environmental protection is supported and developed by the majority of mankind.

Our concept is designed by all our team members. Each of them is willing to take personal responsibilities for the utmost quality of his or her work.

Our cooperation comprises stakeholders and partners worldwide, characterised by their commitment to reach common goals.

Our team consists of experts of a wide range of scientific backgrounds, of different personalities and historical backgrounds. We estimate and support these diversities knowing that they empower the individual to personal growth and advancement, and safeguard the benefit for all.

Our team members are open-minded and courageous women and men with best scientific and training qualifications. They always cover top quality both in science and in customer-tailored trainings.

Our customers are personalities active in the public and the private life who value high quality and trainings tailored to their needs.

Our economic stability is based upon the operational daily activities. Herein we accept intermittent instabilities using them in a productive and positive way to advance our competences.

We are independent, for we have started our business without any loans and public subsidies and thus are not indebted to any person or institution. This financial independence secures the objectiveness and impartialness of our services and trainings.

We are innovative and future - oriented. We use the best practices in our fields, verify them and combine them with our own inhouse knowledge. We are committed to link our clients’ visions and wishes to the natural and environmental realities, to the economic conditions and the juridicial circumstances to get best results in our services and trainings.

We are creative, constantly searching for the best ideas in research and market, combining them with own ideas to realise our goals.

We are successful, learning from errors, working in a motivated and competent environment, constantly evaluating our portfolio with respect to the benefit of our clients.

We are competent, for we constantly search for additional qualifications and spare no costs to furnish our team members with latest know-how and techniques.

We motivate and support our team members to attend scientific conferences and workshops, to obtain additional qualifications and to publish own contributions.

We consider in all our activities our clients’ satisfactions to reach a sustainable quality of life on one hand and the needs of the environment on the other hand. Herein we measure the success of our work.