Ygg escheI know an ash tree, named Yggdrasil: Sparkling showers are shed on its leaves that drip dew, into the dales below, by Urd´s well it waves evergreen, Stands over that still pool.

[Edda, Voluspa]

YGGDRASIL is the name of the world spanning ash tree that appears in the Nordic saga. Its roots and branches cradle all human, animal and plant life. We believe this notion to be extremely apt; it corresponds to our universal and holistic understanding of environmental protection.
YGGDRASIL was founded in 1996. Our objective was to give qualified people assistance in adapting their professional career after the breakdown of the German industry in the aftermath of the German reunification.
As of 2009 we have specialized in YGGDRASIL Dr. Rahner: Geology – Project Management - Trainings, and YGGDRASIL Diemer: Environmental Planning. We hope to deliver our services  and trainings better and tailor-made to the customers’ specific needs.