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ERASMUS-Plus Project  EUBILD-UNAKLIM: Kickoff-Meeting in Berlin ( )
The Kickoff Meeting for EUBILD-UNAKLIM (EUropäisches BILDungskonzept im Umwelt-, NAtur- und KLIMaschutz zur Sicherung einer grenzüberschreitenden nachhaltigen Entwicklung - European Educational Concept in Environmental- Nature- and Climate-Protection to safeguard Cross-Border Sustainable Development)   
took place in Berlin the 7-8th November 2016.  
EUBILD-UNAKLIM is coordinated by ubb e.V. ( ) and supported in the project management activities by Dr. Susanne Rahner. Five partners in four countries ( Germany ), ( Hungary ), ( Poland ) and ( Romania ) cooperate for 2 years. An international study on adult furthering education opportunities in the four countries and on the situation in the Green job markets will be established. Based on the study findings, an international curriculum in the green market segment will be designed, fit to match the diverse ecological, economic and political expectations and needs. The curriculum will include  innovative training methods and  
combine theoretical knowledge with practical key skills.

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Project: EUBILD - UNAKLIM     Strategic Partnership




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Signing the Agreements       

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Kickoff - Meeting                 

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The Erasmus - Team           

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The first partner meeting in 2017 took place in Szekszárd, Southern Hungary, the 27th and 28th of March.

The first two outputs of EUBILD-UNAKLIM and the International Multiplier Meeting in Kraków taking place the 30th / 31st of May 2017 were discussed.

Output 1:
Study to national activities and funding opportunities of furthering education programs for unemployed academics in green jobs.

Output 2:
Curriculum to International Course

International conference in Kraków 30/31.5.2017 to:
 „Adult Training Potentials in Eco-Sciences”  ( see pdf )

Output 1:  Study
The research of job-portals and furthering education databases in the partner countries in the „Green Economy“ reveals both differences and common topics.
At the moment some challenges have to be tackled: the cross-sector categorization of job descriptions and the superior question:
When is a job „green“?

More working meetings to this will take place until end of May. The first results will be discussed in Kraków.

Output 2: Curriculum: Key words – Modules - Topics
A list of keywords for basic qualification in the Nature- and Environmental Protection Segment and in Sustainable Energy Management were presented. Some focus differences in the partner countries were visible. In-depth topics, practical and field work will also be integrated in the international course.  The aspects will be further discussed in Kraków.

Questionnaire action on Green Jobs and Furthering Education Topics in the Green Economy
In addition to the research in job-portals and networks we have initiated a questionnaire for employers and furthering education institutions. The employers’ questionnaire asks the willingness and the needs to take on employees with specific “green” knowledge. In parallel a questionnaire for furthering education institutions about their courses was published. The comparison between the two questionnaires shall find out, if the furthering education topics will reflect the employment market’s needs.

If you want to participate in the questionnaire activities, please click here:

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For funding institutions or furthering education institutes: ( )

You can register yourself.

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