The focus is to explain the principal thoughts and to make the participants open and trusting to adjust these thoughts to their own needs and demands. Only then they will gain ownership in project work and an efficient reactivity in rescue and emergency situations. For this course no experience in Project Management is necessary and no experience with Project Management software.



Life Cycle and conflicts in projects
Planning techniques
 Project Management Instruments (Charts, Diagrams, Work package Breakdown   and others)
Gantt Charts and Strategic considerations
Team (Composition, Building, Motivation, Control)
Time Management Principles
Risk Management
Running a Project on a Day-to-Day Basis (Implementation of Strategy, Quality Standard, Ensure that all understand their Role)
Monitoring and Control
End of Project, Quality Control, Post-Project-Review


The Method:

focuses on lectures on one hand and group work on numerous exercises on the other hand, with a one-to-one-assistance and detailed discussions to work through the exercises. Case studies and work on templates will complete the course.


Target Group:

Project Managers and coordinators, project sponsors, group leaders and workpackage leaders, experts in projects and all people interested in project management ideas and tools. Openness to other experts and networking is also part of the course.  ( back to start )