Characteristics and Conflicts of Complex Projects
Project Management Tools, (Gantt Cart, Forward and Backword Planning, Critical Path Analsysis, Ris Mitigation using Gantt Charts, Responsibility Matrix)
Leadership (The Nine Categories, Project oriented Leadership, Influence Factors,, Einflussfaktoren, The Seven Leadership Principles, Horizontal Leadership),
Leading Project Organisations , Role of Coordinator, Project Maturity, Project Excellence Program PEP, Project Management Office PMO)
Communication (Intercultural Aspects, Management of objections
Stakeholder Management (Roles, Strategies, Visualisations),
Project Start
Dynamics of accurate Estimation  (Estimating Techniques, Resources, Budgert, Scenarios)
Monitoring and control
Solving Problems and Emergency Actions (Symptoms, Implementation and Control)
End of Project, Review and Documentation


The Method:

focuses on lectures on one hand and group work on numerous exercises on the other hand, with a one-to-one-assistance and detailed discussions to work through the exercises. Case studies and work on templates will complete the course.


Target Group:

Project Managers and coordinators, project sponsors, group leaders and workpackage leaders, experts in projects and all people interested in project management ideas and tools. They should have some basic experience in working in projects or should have accomplished a basic course on Project Management. Openness to other experts and networking is also part of the course.  ( back to start )