MS Ecxel is available in every institution and the team members are more or less accustomed to it. Some simple techniques and some creative thoughts can turn EXCEL into a powerful tool to manage projects. This tool can be used by every project partner, thus sending files and exchanging information is very easy without losing time in complicated software and without loss of information. The team has more time to work in the project efficiently and is not stuck in technical problems. The course gives practical tools and techniques for managing projects, a lot of hints and tricks and a lot of useful templates and Macros ready to use without knowledge in software programming.



Project order and definition of success

Project planning and documentation

Project Goals, SMART, design and evaluation of target conflicts

Project team, Who is Who, communication

Project environment / stakeholders, project environment monitoring, SWOT Profile, Influence- and conflict potential

Planning techniques (Structures, deadlines, processes, costs, resources)

Top-Down or Bottom-Up?, Structuring Projects, Planning, Top down or bottom up?, Work packages (Templates), Work package Breakdown Structure (WBS), Milestones, Checklists and templates

Milestones and Deadlines, Gantt Charts, Resources, Budget, Critical path

Staff Management, Availabilities, costs, Capacity control

Cost Management, Target – performance comparison, Costs in WBS, Multiple options

Project Controlling, Milestone-Trend-Analysis (MTA), Line diagram as MTA Chart, Capital sin in performance control

Risk Management, Tables, Diagrams, Questionnaire for risk evaluation, Risk Maps

Post Project Review, Review questionnaire templates, Questionnaire evaluation

Additional Excel hints and tricks


The Method:

A theoretical short input moves to practical and tailor-made exercises with many ideas, new thoughts and discussions. Project work is optimised and more transparent by the use of EXCEL.


Target Group:

Project Managers and coordinators, project sponsors, group leaders and work package leaders, experts in projects and all people interested in project management ideas and tools. They should be interested in working with MS EXCEL and be open to other experts.   ( back to start )