In this demanding seminar all tools for the LFA approach will be presented, and discussed in practical and user relevant case studies.

The demanding course presents all tools of project management in applied topics and exercises. The aim of the course is to get acquainted with the numerous techniques and philosophies of Logframe and to encourage them to start designing and managing their own projects professionally. Only then they will gain ownership in project work and an efficient reactivity in rescue and emergency situations. For this course no experience in Project Management is necessary and no experience with Project Management software


Definition and Challenges
Instruments of Logframe Approach
Targets priorities and Target conflicts
Key instrument Logframe
Logic of the LFA Approach
Project Design Sequence
Stakeholder - Management
Stärken- / Schwächen – Analyse (SWOT)
Problem Analysis, problem tree, and implementation
Project phases where Logframe is useful (pre award, post award)
Intercultural Aspects

The Method:

Focuses on lectures on one hand and group work on numerous exercises on the other hand, with a one-to-one-assistance and detailed discussions to work through the exercises. Case studies and work on templates will complete the course.


Target Group:

Project Managers and coordinators, project sponsors, group leaders and work package leaders, experts in projects and all people interested in project management ideas and tools. They should have some basic experience in working in projects or should have accomplished a basic course on Project Management. Openness to other experts and networking is also part of the course.   ( back to start )